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6月9日, 2020, 理事会批准了战略计划,该计划将作为澳门赌场官网协会未来五年愿景的基础.

该计划的六个优先事项集中在澳门赌场官网协会在法律专业领域领先的愿景上, empowering individuals, enhancing member value, providing public service and professional excellence, fostering community and connections, and encouraging organizational and operational excellence.


In the fall of 2019, President Susan Hoffman appointed a Strategic Planning Committee, chaired by former President Tim Webster. 委员会成员的选出代表了澳门赌场官网协会110名会员的广泛利益,000+ strong member base. 美国澳门赌场官网协会的澳门赌场官网服务部被聘为顾问,以促进这一进程.

委员会首先调查了法律环境,并完成了对澳门赌场官网事务所项目和服务的深入评估. Our core values of diversity, 股本, 在整个规划讨论中,包容性得到了重要的强调. A thorough stakeholder analysis followed. To ensure priorities reflected the voices of all members, the Committee distributed a member-wide survey.

Once survey findings were aggregated and analyzed, topics and questions were drafted for focus groups and one-on-one interviews. 6个月以上, the Committee conducted dozens of facilitated discussions with members, 工作人员, institutional partners, 以及法律专业人士和社区领导人获得额外的投入并最终确定框架.



In coming months, 行政领导和工作人员将与理事会密切合作,实施该计划. Immediate next steps include identifying organizational implications of the priorities and objectives; scoping and executing projects bound by performance metrics; and continuously reporting progress.

For the plan to truly reflect the voice of the membership, 鼓励个人成员在未来几个月内分享他们的反馈.

The framework below integrates multiple interests and needs. 它提供了方向,同时给予澳门赌场官网根据情况进行调整的灵活性. It addresses immediate member and 酒吧 needs, 并鼓励澳门赌场官网公会探索影响行业的长期趋势. 最后, 它平衡了大澳门赌场官网服务公众利益的责任,同时也支持美国的个别澳门赌场官网.C.metro area and around the globe.

D.C. 酒吧 wants to hear your feedback! 电子邮件 or contact us via 推特.

“我们希望战略计划将提供方向和优先事项,以指导澳门赌场官网,并在未来五年充满挑战的时期和不断变化的法律环境中有效地为我们的会员服务.” - Susan Hoffman, President

“The Strategic Planning Committee worked hard to provide the D.C. 用一个重要的工具来指导未来五年的组织政策和计划, not just a ‘paper tiger’ that would sit on the shelf.  我们在制定2015-2020年计划委员会出色工作的基础上,更新和微调了新十年的战略目标.” - Timothy Webster, Chair, Strategic Planning Committee

D.C. 酒吧 Strategic Plan

Strategic Priority 1: Leading Within the Legal Profession


  • 认识并探索地区、国家和全球法律实践的影响

  • 培养优先考虑澳门赌场官网和法律系学生健康的专业文化

  • Support innovations that result in increased access to legal 服务

  • Promote the integrity of a self-regulated profession

Engage in collaborative problem solving to address systemic challenges.

  • 就法律专业和司法行政的重要问题,与司法伙伴和持份者合作

  • Encourage greater diversity, 股本, 让法律界更包容,以提高公众对法治的尊重和对司法制度的信任

  • Raise public awareness of the importance of legal 服务, 法治, and independence of the judiciary

Strategic Priority 2: Empowering Individuals

Cultivate opportunities to strengthen professional growth.

  • Assist members in adapting to the changing legal economy

  • 保证维.C. 酒吧 programs and structures reflect the diverse interests of the membership


  • Assist new members of the D.C. 酒吧 in their transition from law school

  • Offer opportunities for members to develop business and leadership skills

  • Equip members to effectively navigate the demands of modern legal practice

  • Support lawyers who are exploring career transitions

Strategic Priority 3: Enhancing Member Value

Communicate and deliver value.

  • 与成员进行持续对话,以更好地理解和预测D.C. 酒吧 can serve them

  • 确保产品, 服务, 沟通具有成本效益,并针对会员的具体实践需求

  • Increase multi-channel access to D.C. 酒吧 products, 服务, and communications

Provide outstanding service experiences.

  • 在所有成员和社区与D的交互中优先考虑用户体验的易用性.C. 酒吧

  • Continue to enhance online and remote access to D.C. 酒吧 programs and 服务

Strategic Priority 4: Providing Public Service and Professional Excellence

Promote access to justice to protect the integrity of the justice system.

  • 推进办法,增加向无力负担民事法律服务的人提供民事法律服务

  • 支持澳门赌场官网履行其道德义务,为经济拮据的客户贡献时间和资源

  • 增加获得法律信息和获得澳门赌场官网和法律服务方面的指导


  • 提供前沿信息,帮助会员增强数据完整性和安全性

  • Help members understand and leverage technology to ensure proficiency

  • Advance the use of technology to serve the best interests of clients

Advance the highest ethical standards among D.C. 酒吧里的成员.

  • Promote the highest ethical standards to maintain a self-regulated profession

  • Educate our members about their ethical obligations, 包括与技术熟练程度有关的,为经济能力有限的人提供法律服务的

  • 监测不断变化的法律环境,并对道德规则和义务提出适当的修改建议

  • Promote a culture that values civility and professionalism.

Strategic Priority 5: Fostering Community and 连接ions

Inspire members to view the D.C. 酒吧 as their legal community of choice.

  • Encourage members to engage with the D.C. 酒吧 and each other

  • Provide members with diverse engagement opportunities

Bridge both practice area and demographic spectrums.

  • Promote innovative connection opportunities that speak to member interests

  • Expand opportunities for law students to connect with the D.C. 酒吧

Strengthen 国家 and global connections.

  • Support and engage members located outside the metropolitan area

  • Strengthen connections with state, 国家, 以及国际澳门赌场官网协会,以便更好地服务于大都市地区以外的成员

Strategic Priority 6: Encouraging Organizational and Operational Excellence

Communicate effectively with members to create greater understanding of the D.C. 酒吧.

  • Build awareness of the D.C. 酒吧’s core functions and 服务

  • Increase member access to points of engagement

  • Develop targeted messaging that aligns with individual member preferences

  • Maximize consistency in brand messaging across business units


  • Promote an adaptive, 灵活的, and nimble 工作人员 culture and processes to ensure safety, 生产力, and business continuity

  • 使员工技能与新出现的规划、技术和管理需求保持一致

  • 通过制定满足成员和工作人员需要的灵活政策,适应大流行后的环境


  • Ensure that the Member 连接ion Space is accessible, convenient, and safe

  • Optimize the use of the D.C. 酒吧 headquarters as a gathering place

Sustain a strong fiscal position and effective use of resources.

  • 参与应急计划,以应对法律经济可能出现的中断, including potential declines in membership applications or renewals

  • Engage in financial forecasting to anticipate the D.C. 酒吧的短期和长期财务需求,包括保持足够的储备

Collaborate with voluntary bar associations and other partner organizations.

  • 发展领导力管道,承诺领导力反映D的多样性.C. 酒吧’s membership

  • Augment the exchange of information for mutual benefit
  • Promote the shared values of professionalism, access to justice, and the importance of 法治